Alternatives to "Tk C API"

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"Tk C API" are used in the description of a lot of options and are difficult to work with for usual users, no it is impossible to work with, My suggestions is to take the essentials of each element of "Tk C API", give it a new title that express its utility and inside its content you redirect users with high experience's level to your "Tk C API", exemple:

-"Tk_GetPixels" and "Tk_GetScrennMM":
1)we take the screen units
2)make a page titled " ScrennUnits" that contains those screen units
2)redirect the user to your "Tk C API".
=> result:
screen units

And we do the same things for others:

-"Tk_GetBitmap: Bitmap Images

-"Tk_GetColor": Color Formats

-"Tk_GetCursor": Cursors List

-"Tk_GetVisual": Visual Classes

sebastian_adil - 2017-12-28 16:09:01

I don't know under which page's title I can group those alternatives? any suggestions?