AndroWish usbserial

AndroWish supports a number of USB to serial converters through the usbserial command which wraps that connectivity into a Tcl channel to be operated with the usual read, puts, and fconfigure commands.

Currently these adapters are supported

Vendor IDProduct IDRemarks
0x067b0x2303Prolific PL2303
0x04030x0601FTDI FT232R
0x04030x6015FTDI FT231X
0x23410x0001Arduino UNO
0x23410x0010Arduino Mega 2560
0x23410x003bArduino serial adapter
0x23410x003fArduino Mega ADK
0x23410x0042Arduino Mega 2560 R3
0x23410x0043Arduino UNO R3
0x23410x0044Arduino Mega ADK R3
0x23410x8036Arduino Leonardo
0x03eb0x2044ATMEL ???
0x1eaf0x0004Leaflabs Maple
0x1a860x7523CH 34x
0x1a860x5523CH 34x
0x43480x5523CH 34x

Jorge - 2016-12-10 22:21:57

when executing usbserial command, it returns an empty string, any idea why? (I had an arduino connected throuh USB-OTG adapter)

chw - 2016-12-11

please first check out if your Android device detects a normal USB to serial adapter. If that succeeds, please find out the product and vendor identifiers of your Arduino for further analysis and post a ticket on

Jorge - 2016-12-11 16:35:14

JM when using a normal usb-serial converter (based on PL-2303 XA/HXA chip), my android tablet responds with an empty string when executing usbserial command from Androwish

chw this is unfortunate. If your tablet is Android > 4.0 it should work, however one of my tablets with Android 4.2 doesn't support usbserial either, although memory sticks work. Seems, that the manufacturer left something essential of the USB stack out.

JM thanks for checking, I will later try with a different tablet, I am really curious about the potential of the android-arduino pair.