Androwish Serial Port

JM 3/19/2019 The following worked for me on a Lenovo Yoga Tab 3, running Androwish

Example 1

  1. USB OTG connector
  2. USB to DB9 converter (Prolific)
  3. US Robotics 5686 external modem (I have one, believe it or not)
  4. Code from "Basic Example" from Serial Port with 1 change only:
 set dev [lindex [usbserial] 0]
 set fh [usbserial $dev]

Instead of:

 set fh [open $comPort RDWR]


Androwish Serial Port screenshot

Example 2

JM 3/23/2019 - Here a SerPortChat between Tablet with Androwish and PC running ubuntu

This is an old desktop PC with legacy DB9 serial port, here is how they were connected:
PC - Null_Modem_Cable - USB_to_RS232 - USB_OTG - Tablet

Only a few changes were needed on the Androwish version:

  1. I used dummy icons instead of the original png files
  2. changed a few lines:
 jorge@jorge-nga:~/tclCode$ diff SerPortChat.tcl AWSerPortChat.tcl
 <         image create photo img-icone -file app.png
 >         #image create photo img-icone -file app.png
 <                 ttk::label .about.fond.i -image img-icone -anchor n
 >                 ttk::label .about.fond.i -text img-icone -anchor n
 <                 if {![catch "open $::comport r+" ::tty]} {
 > set dev [lindex [usbserial] 0]
 > # set fh [usbserial $dev]
 >                 if {![catch "usbserial $dev" ::tty]} {

PC Screenshot: PC_to_AW_Screenshot

Tablet Screenshot: AW_to_PC_Screenshot