Are we overrating Emojis?

Or should we be aware of the possibility of other species communicating with symbol sets requiring many more bits than 21 to which our beloved Emoji business is limited?

What if a species expresses some idea to its significant other by using 1000 bits for the exact word of love but needs 1000 earth years to transmit it? Would we be even able to detect this?

Are we future proof when using 32 bit integers for the characters we would like to handle in Tcl?

Wouldn't it be better to express characters in Tcl as bigints in order to be able to have always enough space to deal with unforeseen visits of unbelievable others?

What are the consequences of "int" to "Tcl_Size" and further to literally unlimited transform, is this feasible?

Why those ideas? Well, there is this His Master's Voice