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Any thoughts on what a good delay is before moving command specific questions and answers to the page for that command? I ask because there have been a number of comments about moving such questions/answers in such a way. Once a questions has been answered for, say, a month, it seems reasonable to assume that the person asking the question has seen the answers and had time to comment. As such, anyone having the desire to do so should feel free to move it to a location where the information is more likely to be found by someone looking for such.

FW: Regardless of the quagmire that the Ask situation has become - whether to break it into topical pages, whether the "sequel" pages are useful, whether the page itself was ever a good idea etc. - here's the thing: in all this, all the questions and answers in #2 and #3 seem to have been lost. Since they comprised about as much content as the first one, why are they being ignored? Even if they are (were) an ugly attempt at a solution, it doesn't make the questions any less valuable - were the people in there so naive to post or something that their questions and answers must be crap? ;) Is there a specific reason why they haven't been restored, at least for now, is what I'm asking.

RHS You can still access the information via the revision history, if you so wish. I realize that's not what you're after, but its there if you need it.