BOOK CGI Programming with Tcl

Author: David Maggiano

Publisher: Addison-Wesley

Publication date: December 1999

ISBN: 0201606291

Pages: 352

Price: 34.95 US

I liked the level of the book, and it was the first one that got me over the hurdle of understanding exactly how to make cgi programs work. Most just say "ask your system administrator". Since I'm at home, I *am* the system admin, and it took me some time to figure out.

To me the main downside of this book was the introduction of another cgi library. Don Libes had one already, and I'd personally rather build or better that one than write a new one. --lh

Eric Galluzzo [L1 ] and George Jempty [L2 ] both praise the content and quality of this book.

This is a Nice fun reading book. If you are up on the subjects you can power through the book rather fast. It has some source code for a pretty nifty tcl based Sql'ish database server. I was amazed to see it work out of the box. I has a bug tracker program built with html forms and uses tcl cgi on the http server communicating with the possibly remote tcl database server. It has promise because this code is small and quite simple to understand. The book next introduces an older version of OraTcl. You need to modify the code to the new Oratcl to get it to work. All in all if you can borrow a copy or buy a cheap used one its worth it. -Art Morel