BOOK Obfuscated C and Other Mysteries

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Author: Don Libes

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This is not your typical programming book. This book discusses programming in the Unix environment in a humorous manner. However, specific solutions to issues are addressed. Separate chapters on Tcl and Expect are covered.

lh: 25 May 02 - In search of a copy of this book.

This book was referred to me for a project, but it is out of print. The only copies I can find are used, for double the new price. If you know where I can find one for a reasonable amount, please let me know.

leam at reuel dot net

Wow, looks like Mr. Libes is a highly collectible fellow - here's a second book by him:

 Libes, Don & Ressler, Sandy Life with Unix: a Guide for Everyone
 Englewood Cliffs NJ Prentice Hall 1989. Good. This book is
 essential reading for the UNIX beginner as well as the expert. With
 an irreverent and easy to read style. It is very scarce and hard to find.
 Ex-Lib edition. Binding is S Trade Paperback. Bookseller
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