BOOK Tcl Programming for Windows

APN I've (just) started writing an online book on Tcl Programming for Windows . Please enter any comments and suggestions here.

2015-01-21 Added a new draft chapter on Windows Security.

APN In the interest of limiting the scope, the above link now only hosts Windows-specific content. Other content is now at (including Arjen's contributions and the OO chapter)

fmjr - 2014-06-27 14:29:36

May be it will be good to have a chapter about simple DirectX programming? APN I think simple DirectX is an oxymoron :-) Seriously speaking, there is no interface to DirectX from Tcl right now (maybe perhaps Tcl3D or 3dcanvas, not sure) and implementing one would be a huge amount of work. The chapter would only come after the implementation and there's no chance that I could write one (no time and no expertise).

Zipguy 2014-06-28 - Your work seems to be excellent, in my book!

It does seem well written, for a general audience, which is hard to do, especially with a complex subject matter.

aspect 2014-08-06: feedback on the TclOO chapter - I love it! Very good presentation of the basics, which filled in some gaps in my knowledge. I picked up some (very) minor errata, listed below by section.

APN Thanks very much for the careful reading! Fixed / clarified accordingly.

2.8 paragraph 3 - first sentence doesn't scan, looks like it should be two sentences?
6, note - "savings" should be "checking"
6.2 - "mixins override" - maybe mention [next] here ("though they can call the original method using [next]"), or link to section 8.1
9.4 - info object mixins/mixin
9.8 - we would not/now expect
9.8 - code example with [self filter]: is the [puts] output duplicated?
9.10 - info objects/object

arjen - 2014-08-22 10:45:02

I am helping out Ashok with this effort. So far I have written a chapter on the expr command and one on statistics with Tcl. Comments welcome. On its way: a chapter on one form of simulation.

fmjr - 2014-09-05 10:07:52

What about adding a chapter covering VecTcl extension? And, maybe, one could then extend statistical analysis chapter with examples using VecTcl?

Also, I will be very glad to see a chapter about creating standalone executables. Maybe I can write it by myself.

arjen Yes, that is one thing I have in mind - show off Vectcl. One thing I would like to see is a chapter on creating compiled extensions. And something regarding MinGW and Cygwin. If you want to have a go at writing a chapter yourself, please contact Ashok about it. It is his project ;). I am merely contributing.

TNW I like this book, it has interesting examples. I also like this wiki, through knowing a bit of Tcl, you can learn loads of computer science by example. I've never added an edit before.

Getting (eventually) to the point, section 3 of the Statistical Analysis chapter has bit of a mistake in it:

puts "Minimum:\t[::math::statistics::max $data]"

Yay, I helped.

arjen Indeed! A silly mistake, probably caused by copying too much and editing too little. I will fix it. Thanks.