BOOK Web Development with TCL/TK 8.1

Author: Steven Holzner

Publisher: Wiley

 Publication date: February 1999 
 ISBN: 0471327522
 Pages: 544 
 Price: 44.99 US

This book focuses exclusively on Web applications. Contains lots of examples, including writing a Web browser, interacting with other languages, writing of Tclets. A web site featuring the source for the examples from the book is available.

Anyone KNOW the web site? Is it still available?

escargo 20 Jul 2005 - Google is your friend:

Just to check, I downloaded the code (I haven't looked at it, just checked that 52K downloaded). You should know that the code has no comments in it in the samples I saw (admittedly a cursory look), with an interesting variety of line endings. Most code seems to date from Sept. 1998 (about 1400 lines worth).