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The BWidget color selector SelectColor provides a simple way to select color. It can be displayed as a modal dialog Modal dialogs or as a menubutton popup.

New Features

From BWidget version 1.9.12, SelectColor includes (when in modal dialog form):

  • an entry widget for displaying or requesting a color in hexadecimal RGB form. The entry widget and the canvas displays are kept in sync.
  • a -command option: this specifies a command to be evaluated, with a color value appended, whenever the color selected in the dialog changes. This facility can be used to modify a color in the calling GUI and preview the change before deciding whether or not to accept it. If the user selects "Cancel" in the dialog, the command is called a final time to restore the initial color (supplied by option -color) that was used before the dialog was opened.
  • a -help option: if its value is boolean true, BWidget DynamicHelp ("balloon help") is provided if the pointer hovers over the entry widget or color palettes.


  • The screenshot shows the SelectColor dialog posted over the demo included in the BWidget package.
  • The demo uses the -command option to color the "Select a color" button that launches the SelectColor dialog.