MHo 2010-07-14: Couldn't get BWidget::write to work. I do the following:

If I then include xyz.tcl instead of the whole BWidget-package in my program, I get an error complaining there's no ::BWIDGET::LIBRARY. Ok, I put this at the very top of the generated file then:

namespace eval ::BWIDGET {}
set ::BWIDGET::LIBRARY [file dirname [info script]]; # Patch MHo

This leads a little further, but then this error appears: invalid command name "DynamicHelp::use... It seems that some code is missing in the generated file. Even specifying -helptext for ComboBox doesn't change anything.

More bizarre, if I execute the BWidget::write from within my real working program (which I want to compact), the generated file is about 50% smaller and missing nearly everything needed...

So: What's the secret of BWidget::write, that I don't know???