BWidget Listbox Drag & Drop

While on a quest to learn more about BWidgets and the listbox, there seemed to be a lot of good examples of how to do Drag and Drop within Label and Entry fields - but nothing was obvious for the ListBox widget - until now.

This was a response by Bob Techentin on Aug 9, 2005 in the c.l.t. newsgroup that solved this mystery. Thanks Bob!

 package require BWidget 
 grid [ListBox .listbox1 -dragenabled 1 -dragevent 3] 
 grid [ListBox .listbox2 -dropenabled 1 -dragevent 3] 
 foreach item {one two three} {.listbox1 insert end $item -text $item} 
 .listbox2 configure -dropcmd dropLB 
 proc dropLB {listbox dragsource itemList operation datatype data} { 
     $listbox insert end $data -text $data

Nono (sep2013) The list of arguments seems to be: dragsource listbox operation datatype itemList data