BWidget with tile

The following code, which consists of fragments of my real code, illustrates what I mean (I hope):

package require tile
package require -exact BWidget 1.9.1
BWidget::use -package ttk -setoptdb 1 -style default
set mf [MainFrame .m -separator both -textvariable ::status]
pack $mf -expand yes -fill both
$mf showstatusbar status
set my [$mf getframe]; # Userwindow im Mainframe
set inpArea1  [frame $my.inpArea1]
set putCmt    [Button $inpArea1.putCmt -image [Bitmap::get redo] -text {Übernehmen} -compound right -state disabled -command putCommand]
pack $inpArea1 -expand 0 -fill x -ipadx 4 -ipady 2 -padx 4 -pady 2 -side top
pack $putCmt -side right -padx 4 -pady 2
# every thing is ok up until now
after 1000
$putCmt configure -state normal
# here, something has gone wrong
after 1000
$putCmt configure -state disabled
# hm....