Benoit Goudreault-Emond


I (Benoit Goudreault-Emond) am the maintainer of the Voodoo Class Diagram Editor [L1 ]; as such, I have worked with the Tcl/Tk library rather closely at the C level, mostly in areas of calling the interpreter and Tk commands from C.

I have also done a bit more work for my employer, where we use Tcl as a test automation language.

My main interest in Tcl has always been as a partial solution to the overall software development problem. I find that, of the ``big four'' (Tcl, Perl, Python and Visual Basic, although I consider the last one an abberation), Tcl is the only one which was designed with what I want to accomplish with a scripting language in mind. Of course, that's my own opinion only...

I also use the Tcl library as a portable GUI library. The fact that its runtime is incredibly light (500 KB total when "wrapping" the application) makes it an ideal solution in that context. 500 KB doesn't seem so bad when MFC eats up a couple of megs under Windows...

My own webpage [L2 ] has a Tcl section [L3 ] which contains a bit more stuff.

My e-mail address is bge AT videotron DOT ca.