BioImage Suite

BioImage Suite is an integrated image analysis software suite developed at Yale University. BioImage Suite has been extensively used at different labs at Yale since about 2001. The last stable version is 2.6.1 which was released on April 6th, 2009. The last beta version is 3.0beta 1 released on May 8th, 2009.

BioImage Suite uses Tcl/Tk together with a custom C++ wrapper around Tcl to enable the creation of user interfaces in both a scripting language (Tcl) and C++ (as needed for complex components).

BioImage Suite has extensive capabilities for both neuro/cardiac and abdominal image analysis and state of the art visualization. Many packages are available that are highly extensible, and provide functionality for image visualization and registration, surface editing, cardiac 4D multi-slice editing, diffusion tensor image processing, mouse segmentation and registration, and much more. It can be integrated with other biomedical image processing software, such as FSL, AFNI, and SPM.