Biot is a network-aware information pipe for the IoT. Biot stands for "Bridge for the Internet of Things", it aims at easily bridging together the various APIs that are involved in IoT projects. Simply put biot accepts a number of sources, acquires data from these sources, extracts any number of variables from this data and pushes templates using these variables to any number of destinations. In other words, biot is an easy API masher for the Internet of Things.

Biot is tuned to work in modern cloud architectures through its ability to be made available as a docker component. Further, you can easily instantiate as many biot information processing pipes in a cluster using fleet (and CoreOS ). In this context, biot is for example able to acquire its data from the etcd key-value store and process data as instructed. Configuration data in etcd can be changed at any time to (re)instruct biot to process data.