Bitmap Images

bitmap: error error:
The international “don't” symbol: a circle with a diagonal line across it.

bitmap: gray75 gray75:
75% gray: a checkerboard pattern where three out of four bits are on.

bitmap: gray50 gray50:
50% gray: a checkerboard pattern where every other bit is on.

bitmap: gray25 gray25:
25% gray: a checkerboard pattern where one out of every four bits is on.

bitmap: gray12 gray12:
12.5% gray: a pattern where one-eighth of the bits are on, consisting of every fourth pixel in every other row.

bitmap: hourglass hourglass:
An hourglass symbol.

bitmap: info info:
A large letter “i”.

bitmap: questhead questhead:
The silhouette of a human head, with a question mark in it.

bitmap: question question:
A large question-mark.

bitmap: warning warning:
A large exclamation point.