Zarutian 2005-05-14: I find BlackNet a pretty interesting idea/concept and I am thinking about implementing it when Tcl has proper integers or perhaps sooner ;-)

Introduction to BlackNet at (404 - see: for an archived version, from 2008, at

Lars H: Off topic, but perhaps equally interesting, is that the message before that which is linked to above is about Tcl/Tk.

LES: On the other hand, Brazil was only three times world soccer champion when all of that was published (my own way of saying that it's all probably too old to be really interesting). :-)

Zarutian 2006-10-14 03:31 UTC: So it is starting to become interesting in archaeological sense then? ;-)

See also (404 - see: for an archived version, from 2006, at

nurdglaw 2017-03-08: To those, like me, who didn't spot the significance of the "(404)" comments on the above links, or the "Catagory Broken Links" below, everything relating to this seems to have disappeared completely. Whilst this may well be archaeologically interesting, it is hard to research further.

RKZn 2017-03-09: Added links to archived versios of those pages, just in case.