Blinking widgets

What: Blinking widgets
Where: From the contact
Description: Set of Tk procs to blink the widgets
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Phil Gordon)

Blink the widgets? What does that mean? map/unmap them? color change like a button flash?

IDG Don't do that! Do you know anybody who actually likes to see blinking things on their screen?

You can do that with

 after nn body

AJB I would agree, in the traditional since of a GUI. However, if you consider that TCL/Tk could be used as an interface to equipment on an industrial plant floor, then blinking buttons are extremely useful. They are the ideal way to grab a machine operator's attention. (i.e. you would flash the start button for a system that has stopped due to a critical fault)

 .foo.button flash

That command will flash .foo.button from active to normal colors a couple of times. If you want it to continue flashing, you will have to place it within a loop.