Bluetooth channels on Windows

The iocp_bt package implements Bluetooth client channels on Windows.

EB: Ashok, thanks a lot for this new package with good documentation, which brings again more Windows functions in Tcl. I haven't tried the bluetooth part yet, but iocp rings my bell so I tried the iocp_inet package. As noted in the documentation, The only enhancement offered by this command is significantly improved performance with reduced CPU load, and just that is enough!

I tried it in a custom socket messaging library, I confirm it worked identically in an application, but my connection is too limited to evaluate the performance. I also did a simple data exchange test on localhost, for which it is 2 times faster than using stock socket.

APN The iocp::inet::socket passes the Tcl socket test suite so should be quite compatible. It needs a lot more testing though hence not ready for prime time. Performance varies widely (anywhere from twice to an order of magnitude faster than Tcl socket) depending on buffering, transfer sizes, concurrent connections, i/o queue limits, tcp_nodelay and a couple of other factors. See preliminary benchmarks on the iocp_inet page.