Bob Techentin

My name is Bob Techentin. I am signing my Wiki posts as RWT.

I work for the Special Purpose Processor Development Ground (SPPDG) at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. We build fast (10,000 MHz+) digital electronics. My work involves developing electromagnetic modeling simulators to help us design those systems. Lately I've been integrating a Tcl interpreter into simulators using SWIG [L1 ]. Our home page is , and my work email address (which I read just about every business day) is mailto:[email protected] .

AK: Question regarding your work: What circuit simulators are in use beyond the electromagnetic modeling simulator you mentioned above. (For example Spice ? :)

RWT: We use just about every ECAD (electronic computer aided design) tool that we can get our hands on. We collaborate with a lot of different research groups, so we've got some capability in most commercial ECAD systems. So for circuit simulation tools, we use HSPICE, Mentor, Cadence, ADS, and we used to use SABER.