C Language

C is a system programming language.

Sometimes called a high-level assembler as it is still relatively near to the operation of a machine. I.e. a low-level high-level language :)

Grammars for C are available at http://www.vendian.org/mncharity/ccode/grammar/ .

Tcl, Tk, and many Tcl based extensions are written in C. Also taking advantage of C is CriTcl.

List here some places one can find C compilers:

  • GCC is the Free Software Foundation (FSF) sponsored C compiler. See http://www.fsf.org/ for more details.

I have seen notes indicating that Tcl and Tk can be compiled using the gcc free compiler in unix as well as Win32 (EGCS, FSF, cygwin32, mingw32) environments. Also, Win32's lcc should work. See

Anyone have pointers to non-gcc C compilers for MacOS, VMS, etc.?

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