COMET : a Plastic Interactors Toolkit


A COntext Mouldable widgET is an introspective widget that is able to self-adapt to some context of use, or that can be adapted by a tier-component to the context of use, or that can be dynamically discarded (versus recruited) when it is unable (versus able) to cover the current context of use. To do so, a comet publishes the quality in use it guarantees, the user tasks and the domain concepts that it is able to support, as well as the extent to which it supports adaptation. Instead of programming UIs with radiobuttons, checkboxes, textareas etc. the designer defines UIs at the task level, using comets defined in terms of tasks (Choose, Specify, Log etc.) and task operators (Interleaving, Sequence, OR, etc.).

Comets are multi-technological spaces. That means they can rendered themselves using several toolkits at the same time. The current implementation (Tcl) supports renderings in Tk, HTML/Javascript, OpenGL and text/speech. This enables a multi-channels interaction.

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Incorporates the B207 OpenGL interaction toolkit , a multitouch-supporting GUI toolkit based on generalized scene graphs, in C++ and Tcl.