COMPANY: BAE Systems, Business Systems Group (BSG)


BAE Systems Business Systems Group uses Tcl extensively in-house and on projects. At BSG they do something called hybrid-mail. This means they take documents (mostly soft copy) and deliver them multiple ways (e.g. high volume printing/inserting & postage mail, email, fax).

Todd Coram: Their biggest Tcl use involved building the USPS mailing online system [L1 ]. There is over 125k lines of Tcl driving the system (web site, document manipulation, scheduling, distribution, high volume printer controlling, postage mgmt, address standardization, mail prep and envelope inserting).


Michael A. Cleverly 2002-08-28: And the USPS now allows you to bypass their MOL (mailing-online) web-interface by using XML & their MML DTD directly. (need to dig up contact info to post here on the Wiki.) During a conference call with the USPS folks last week they asked "so what are you going to use to generate your XML, VisualBasic?" When we said "no, we use Tcl", they were suprised and said (paraphrasing), "Hey, that's cool! That's what we use!"

Michael A. Cleverly 2002-10-29: I've packaged the code we wrote to talk to MOL via MML and released it as TclMML