COMPANY: Boeing Commercial Airplanes


Boeing Commercial Airplanes is a unit of The Boeing Company, based in Renton, Washington consisting of the Seattle-based former Boeing Airplane Company (the civil airliner division), as well as the Long Beach-based Douglas Aircraft division of the former McDonnell Douglas Corporation. In 2006, Boeing was the world’s largest civil aircraft company in terms of orders, overtaking Airbus for the first time since 2000.


Boeing projects with a Tcl component include

Common Open Research Emulator
a tool for emulating networks
Enhanced Integrated Satellite Factory Test Environment
See Enhanced Integrated Satellite Factory Test Environment ,Jack L. Amsell


Users of Tcl at Boeing have included

Robert Ratcliff
Developed a distributed engineering analysis system framework for Boeing Phantom Works used for preliminary design. It was implemented using a TCL/TK/ITCL/Tix GUI, MySQL relational database and a CORBA communication layer (2000-present). (See Multidisciplinary Design Optimization System Using Higher Order Analysis Codes and Modern CORBA-Based Approach to Ad Hoc Distributed Process Orchestrations Applied to MDO
Giovanni Moises Rodriguez Casillas
Developed the automation script for the blackbox testing of the code for the CSMC of the Boeing 747, the script language use was TCL/TK, 2009
Robert A. Lindley
Bernie Borenstein
porting a program from SGI to Linux, 2002
Mark Bailey
Doug Schuler


SimpleGraphics: Tcl/Tk Visualization of Real-Time Multi-Threaded and Distributed Applications
Scott Arthur, Moody Samuel, Kwok Dale Karr, Boeing Information Space and Defense Group Seattle, Washington, 1998