COMPANY: FlightAware

From the website:

FlightAware is a free flight tracker that will change what you think about live flight tracking and aviation data.

Long time Tcl'er Karl Lehenbauer is listed as one of the founding employees.

This interview with Karl [L1 ] mainly focuses on FlightAware's use of FreeBSD and PostgreSQL, but also touches on the use of Tcl. Much of the website seems to use Rivet, as pages have a suffix of .rvt

In early 2009 FlightAware released several open source Tcl extensions, collectively known as flightaware-tcltools

In early 2011, FlightAware released many more Tcl projects[L2 ] as part of FlightAware's open source initiative.

Tcl is a supported platform of FlightAware's XML API[L3 ]

A success story from AMD's website reveals: The company, which successfully migrated to AMD64 in less than two weeks, is running FreeBSD, PostgreSQL and TCL (Tool Command Language), a popular development language for real-time applications, on 2P AMD Opteron™ Model 250 processors. [L4 ]

Wow, Tcl is a popular development language for real-time applications. ;-)

stevel - 2011-02-25 19:46:39

A 37Signals article on FlightAware is at [L5 ]

A transcript of the problems encountered (and how Tcl allowed them to deal with it) during Boeing's recent 787 "sky-writing" test flight appears on their blog .

dkf - 2016-11-23 22:48:58

They've sponsored a Tcl bounty programme; though originally mentioned a couple of years ago, the rules are now set.