Corepoint Health , formerly NeoTool Development, LLC develops applications for the health-care industry. They focus on HL7 and Cloverleaf in networking ...

Bryan Oakley: ... and Cloverleaf, for those wondering about the Tcl connection, uses Tcl extensively as an internal scripting language. It used to use Tk for its GUIs, but I think most of them have been rewritten in Java. Pity.

Bryan Oakley (who used to work for Healthcare Communications a few years ago doing their GUIs in tk...): Cloverleaf is a product of Quovadx (which aquired, which was formerly known as HDIE, which aquired Healthcare Communications, the originator of the product). Cloverleaf is an "integration engine".

HL7 is a format for data interchange in the healthcare industry.

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