wdb Preface, I am an animation freak. As long as I can remember. Years ago, I've made cartoons on Super-8. (Does anybody recall?)

My current project has work title Cartoon [L1 ]. Because there are thousands of objecs (literally), I am using the oo system obj which is designed for speed.

Here my first line test (rotating face): [L2 ] Work in progress. Project too difficult to publish some source. Who is interested, can mail me [L3 ].

Just in short the basic idea for the rotating face: The "rotated" curves of the face consist of non-linear morphing curves. Morphing is split to two aspects: a) contour, b) location. The contour morphing component is calculated by a cosine function, the location component is calculated by a sine function. Perfect. The lines are true 2D data such that a designer is not enforced to worry about a 3D system.

Next video shows rotation with two spatial axes: [L4 ]

Next, reduced-quality face with sophisticated visual effects: [L5 ]

wdb -- back again -- here first test with virtual skeleton: [L6 ]

By the way. I am fighting with the technique. Does anybody know some SW which converts a series of still images (png, jpg) to a movie in reasonable quality? Thx a lot!

FF: gifsicle lets you create GIF animations. mencoder (part of mplayer) lets you do it for anything.

wdb Mencoder was the tool I used, but gifsicle was new to me, for short presentations presumably the better choice -- thank you!

MiR - 2009-12-13 11:18:02

I always use bmp2avi for this kind of jobs. btw. impressive work! This could take machinima into cartoonworld :-)

etdxc I've used VirtualDub for splicing & dicing home movies. I does create avi's from sets of bmp's