Changes in Tcl/Tk 8.0p2

Released November 25, 1997

A bug-fix/build-fix release.

Tcl changes from 8.0p1

11/19/97 (bug fix) Fixed bug in linsert where it sometimes accidently
cleared out a shared argument list object. (BL).

11/19/97 (bug fix) Autoloading in namespaces was not working properly.
auto_mkindex is still not really namespace aware but most common
cases should now be handled properly (see init.test). (BW, DL)

11/20/97 (enhancement) Made the changes required by the new Apple
Universal Headers V.3.0, so that Tcl will compile with CW Pro 2.

11/24/97 (bug fix) Fixed tests in clock test suite that needed the
-gmt flag set.  Thanks to Jan Nijtmans for reporting the problem. (RJ)

Tk changes from 8.0p1

11/20/97 (bug fix) Fixed bug on the Mac where the "package require"
command caused menus to stop working. (JI)

11/20/97 (bug fix) Fixed bug in rendering transparent gifs on Text
widgets. (JI)

11/20/97 (enhancement) Made the changes required to work with the new
Apple Universal Headers V. 3.0 so we can compile with CW Pro 2.0 (JI)