Changes in Tcl/Tk 8.3

Released February 10, 2000

New Tcl subcommands

New Tk subcommands

Expanded syntax/new options

canvas pathName ?... -state ...?

canvas itemconfigure tagOrId ?-dash pattern? ?-activedash pattern? ?-disabledash pattern? ?-dashoffset offset? ?-fill color? ?-activefill color? ?-disabledfill color? ?-outline color? ?-activeoutline color? ?-disabledoutline color? ?-offset offset? ?-outlinestipple bitmap? ?-activeoutlinestipple bitmap? ?-disabledoutlinestipple bitmap? ?-stipple bitmap? ?-activestipple bitmap? ?-disabledstipple bitmap? ?-state state? ?-tags tagList? ?-width outlineWidth? ?-activewidth outlineWidth? ?-disabledwidth outlineWidth?

canvas scan dragto x y ?gain?

canvas coords tagOrId coordList

canvas create type coordList ?option value ...?

clock clicks ?-milliseconds?

clock scan ISO_8601_point_in_time

entry pathName configure ?-invalidcommand script? ?-validate mode? ?-validatecommand script?

event generate window event ... ?-warp booolean? ...

fconfigure serialPort ?-lasterror? (Windows)

file atime name ?time?

file attributes name ... ?-permissions symbolic? ... (Unix)

file mtime name ?time?

glob ?-directory directory? ?-join? ?-path pathPrefix? ?-types typeList? pattern ?pattern ...?

linsert list end-integer element ?element ...?

listbox pathName ... ?-listvar varName? ...

lsort ?-unique? list

photo put data ... ?-format format-name? ?-from x1 y1 x2 y2? ?-shrink? ?-to x y?

photo write filename ... ?-background color? ?-grayscale''

pkg_mkIndex ?-lazy? dir ?pattern ...?

regexp ?-start index? ?-all? ?-inline? exp string ?matchVar? ?subMatchVar ...?

regsub ?-start index? exp string subSpec varName

scan string format ?varName varName ...? (zero varName args acceptable -> inline)

text tag configure tagName ... ?-elide boolean? ...

text search ?-elide? pattern index ?stopIndex?

wm state window ?newState?

New Tk event modifier

  • <Quadruple>

New Tk virtual events

  • <<ListboxSelect>>

Changed behavior

  • pkg_mkIndex now creates direct-loading index (-direct) by default. Use -lazy to get backward compatible behavior.

Improved performance

  • eval [list a b c]
  • concat [list a b c] [list d e f]

In both cases (and their close allies) there are fewer conversions between lists and strings than in previous versions of Tcl.