Changes in Tcl/Tk 8.6.1

Released [L1 ] September 20, 2013

Tcl Changes


  • Extended scope of compiled code (should not technically be a behavior change)
  • Extended/improved support for platforms (Cygwin64, mingw-4.0, Debian, FreeBSD)

Changed Tcl behavior

  • Made regular expression parsing/matching less stack hungry
  • Limited support for threads and fork (to support Rivet)
  • string is space reports that U+00202f is a space
  • Execution trace errors no longer swallowed
  • auto_mkindex extended to support TclOO
  • Made binary encode uuencode generate genuine uuencoded data
    • Potential Incompatibility

Updated packages

Tk Changes

Changed Tk behavior

  • Fixed <Control-v> binding on Mac
  • Fixed <<SelectPrevPara>>, <<SelectNextPara>> bindings
  • Restored support for $tk_strictMotif