Checkbuttons variations

ABU 23-07-2020

Some variations of the classic checkbutton widget.

Image: CheckbuttonsImage: CheckbuttonsAlt

The following code is based on a set of small PNG images. Here is a link to a zip containing two basic images and other variations

How to use

Define a new ttk style ...

 # ---------------------------------------
 # Creating a Checkbutton variant ....
 # ---------------------------------------

set imageDir .....

image create photo   -file [file join $imageDir toggle20off.png]
image create photo -file [file join $imageDir toggle20green.png]

 # A new image element ; the 'active' image is green
ttk::style element create Checkbutton.Toggle.Green image { selected 

 # define a new style using the Green checkbutton
ttk::style layout TCheckbutton.Toggle.Green {
    Checkbutton.padding -sticky nswe -children {
        Checkbutton.Toggle.Green -side left -sticky {}
        Checkbutton.label -sticky nswe


    ttk::checkbutton .chkbox1 -text "  some text" -style TCheckbutton.Toggle.Green