Chris Nelson

* Personal

Originally from Buffalo, New York, I got my BSEE (with minors in computer science and general psychology) from RPI in 1984 and an MS in Computer Science in 2000.

I'm the proud -- but disenfranchised -- father of two beautiful daughters.[L1 ]

I love seeing and doing live theatre, reading science fiction, and programming with Tcl.

I'm a rabid pendant who runs around changing "tcl" and "TCL" to "Tcl" in other people's wiki pages. ;-)

* Professional

I'm a GUI designer and software architect. All my GUI work and a fair bit more is done in Tcl which led to me writing the BOOK Tcl/Tk Programmer's Reference [L2 ].

Presently employed as a Software Engineer for SIXNET [L3 ] developing embedded software for industrial computers including SNMP [L4 ], IGMP, and other networking support.

Formerly at Pinebush Technologies [L5 ], makers of high-performance image processing software for EDA, GIS, and other applications.

I'm developing a multi-user, networked, databased application to track students and tutors for Literacy Volunteers [L6 ] using Tcl/Tk and MySQL.

You can reach me at mailto:[email protected]

Hey I have your book, it's very nice, shame it's only cover v8.2, you updated for v8.5 and later for v9.0 it's like priting the man pages only better. But you can also do this, add more example, and comment the examples like use the example comments to elaborate on how things fits together, especially the Tk module -- SYStems

mocallins - 2023-06-22 23:09:40

Hi Chris. I've been trying to use sharevar.tcl, but not having any luck. I posted the problem on here.