What it is?

Cicero is a WYSIWYG word processor, that uses X-Windows and Postscript. You can also use the '-tex' Option on the command line to enter the Cicero-LaTeX Mode. Now you won't have WYSIWYG but Cicero helps you writing LaTeX documents. While Lyx is going to be a good choice for TeX and LaTeX, cicero is developing more in the WYSIWYG direction and will be a DTP tool more than a TeX frontend. The TeX mode is included to let people work with only one tool, independent from what you want to write (formualars or letters for example). Cicero uses Tk and can be extended using Tcl and Tk, too. Cicero features multiple columns, multiple fonts with many different sizes. It supports mouse and keyboard like you would expect a window$ application to do. But because of some tcl extensions it has some Emacs-like key-bindings (look at text.tcl and startup.tcl for details).

Available at: [L1 ] (last update May 1996)