Color palettes for ttk

bll 2015-9-17 I gave up on trying to create a routine to do this. Every ttk theme uses its own set of color names and utilitizes them differently. There's no easy way to just change the colors. It would be nice to have ttk be much more consistent in its use of colors.

See TIP #154

This TIP would be a nice change, though the list of colors is not going to work (see clamTheme.tcl). If this TIP is fully implemented, it would be possible to get tk_setPalette and tk_bisque working for ttk.

The list of colors would need to be much, much longer, or what would be better is to implement the colors similar to what clamTheme.tcl, et. al. have and map the widget colors to the proper named colors. This way it would be easier to change the colors for a theme.

See also: Changing Widget Colors