Common Menu support

What: Common Menu support
Where: From the contact
Description: Tk code to define menu panes and use those panes in menu bars or popup menus.
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Mark Sterin)

Mark Sterin

Hm, not sure if it fits here, but I'm stucking over a curious F10 behaviour. It works like Ctrl-Q & Ctrl-S in terminal consoles. F10 is an "all" category binding that is defined as

 tk::WinMenuKey %W %N

It isn't documented in the manual, instead one can find a reference in the source code, where also the alt-Key events are passed trough WinMenuKey (Linux:FirstMenu).

When I create a mini program (text .t; pack .t), then any F-Key pressed has no impact. But upon pressing F10, the subsequent keypress is ignored (and, in another tcl application: communication events that affect a GUI are "buffered" and then after a second press of F10, the "buffer" is released and GUI refreshes due to communication events are executed all at that very moment.