Compile Tcl with tcc

rmax - 2003-02-27

It currently requires some tweaking to both, Tcl, and tcc.

More information to come...

TV (Mar 30 '04) Interesting ! when?

SS 30Mar04 with my linux box it compiles (just fixing something about strto[u]ll), but even with --disable-threads and --disable-shared crashes when I run the tclsh. strace shows that it crashes just after the encoding file was read.

TV On but further thought, it would be most interesting to have tcl combined with a C compiler in an intelligent way, like a shared lib.

SS 30Mar04 Actually tcc is in form of a library to emit code at run-time, it's x86 only but to write bindings for Tcl can be interesting in order to write compilers with Tcl, a JIT compiler for Tcl itself and other funny experiments.

AK Theo, note jcw's CriTcl. Shells out to gcc for the actual compilation. And Scripted Compiler.

LES: Are you sure it's for i386 only? What about this? [L1 ]. CMcC Yes only for i386, see tcc for details.

See also tcc Tcl extension