Computer Language Benchmarks Game

What about trying to improve and tweak the code which is used to create these benchmarks?

Many Tcl'ers already did a great job, but there are still some scripts missing and some others might have room for optimisations.

The disciplines:

DKF: Before taking any of this too seriously, do remember to read (also linked from the FAQ of the shootout site).

hat0 where something like this becomes useful is in public relations — being able to have a strong showing in code size, performance, memory use, etc., or showing some good performance with a piece of particularly elegant code, this will draw some good, positive attention to this fine language.

TV If I were a student assistant (which I was in electronics for various student kinds) and I was to deal with this, or if some graduation student from CE would be co-managed by me I'd kindly wish to remind such a person of what was a common idea at the faculty (of EE) where I worked at the time: when people talk about an optimal system (control systems it was about) they should be asked what optimal means in the case at hand, in other words: what is being optimized.

2010-1-11 pmarin. Tcl and many other languages have been dropped from the current benchmark. Why?
Anyway, the last benchmark with Tcl can be found here: [L1 ]

2012-01-13 akm Amusingly the current gcc C entry uses the Tcl regexp engine :-) [L2 ]