What: Crimson

 Description: Commercial Windows source code editor.
               Has user contributed macros for Tcl
 Updated: 05/2006
 Contact: See web site

RLH It looks free? You can donate to help the author.

AET 03may06 my new favourite for Windows, very close after TextPad. Very customisable. Pity it's not available on Linux.

JAG 03-May-2006 - see also PSPad - my favorite freeware programmer's editor.

Category Dev. Tools

alove 03-May-2006 - I've been using Crimson Editor for a few years, very sweet program. It has highlighting for all the major programming languages & line numbering, very stable and quick to load. It's freeware. I use it for HTML too!

pn0 30-06-2009 - It's open source. Source code has been released and actually there is a version 3.72 available on Don't be confused with the URL it's Crimson Editor. Code is available for checkout through SVN.