Critchlow's Tcl support routines

What: Critchlow's Tcl support routines

 Description: Mr. Critchlow provides a variety of useful tcl routines at
        his site.  For instance, palette is a reworking of Eric Grosse's
        rainbow color palette generator from netlib.
        This allows you to generate a variety of color palettes
        in Tcl.
        There's also a collection of time and date computations written in Tcl,
        which solve the problem of converting Unix clock tics into
        calendar date along with several other date/time needs.
        An implementation of George Marsaglia's mother of all random number
        generators, written in Tcl is alson on the site.  This is a
        very long period pseudorandom number generator.
        A SWIG wrapped xephem library is also available.
        Also a version of old-random.tcl without namespaces.
        A Tcl procedure for converting an XPM into an photo widget image.
 Updated: 04/1999
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Roger E. Critchlow Jr.)

See also ffidl and Roger E Critchlow. [Someone want to add more detail about what is available here?

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