Cyril Barbato

Cyril Barbato - Projects :

123Soleil Eazy Multiple Screenshots program for Windows (Tcl/Tk and C).

C-Lite Evaluation hors ligne pour C-PRO Logiciel (non-officiel) de modification des évaluations C-PRO(c) (Tcl/Tk and C).

ELD Household Appliance Troubleshooting Simulating (Tcl/Tk and C).

Kitxml KitXml, XML for Tcl/Tk.

MPlayerTCL MPlayer Tcl/Tk package for Linux and Mac OSX.

NoBalloon Enable or Disable Balloon Tips under Windows (Tcl/Tk interface).

Rs232Tcl RS232 control bus for Tcl.

XAminTcl XAmin Tcl package for Linux.

ezBarCode Bar Code 39 Reader.

i2cTcl i2c bus interface for Tcl(Tk).

iMPlayerTcl New Media Player iMPlayerTcl : Tcl/Tk MPlayer GUI / Video Audio Movie Music.

iPTime Watch Sport Time iPtime is a simple sport time meter.

Tcl2c Create a C file from Tcl file.

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