D'Agents (formerly Agent Tcl)

See: http://agent.cs.dartmouth.edu/software/agent2.1/

for the software.

What: D'Agents (formerly Agent Tcl)
Where: http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/%7Eagent/
Description: Modified version of Tcl 7.4/Tk 4.0 which implements a transportable agent system in which autonomous programs, written in Agent Tcl, migrate under their own control from machine to machine, interacting with other agents. Analogous to Telescript, but using Tcl as the language. Package consists of a server and tclX/tkX interpreters. Limited security implemented at this time, but this component is under development. See http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/%7Ergray/transportable.html for more details. There is a PDF article from July/August 1997 at http://computer.org/internet/ on Agent Tcl as well as other articles around the internet.
Currently at version 2.1 .
Updated: 2012-11-14
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Bob Gray)

escargo 7 Apr 2005 - It looks to me like TIP #226: Interface to Save and Restore Interpreter State [L1 ] might simplify the implementation of such agents.

NEM 2009-08-04: I ran across this PhD thesis describing the implementation in depth: Agent Tcl: A flexible and secure mobile agent system [L2 ]

Apparently , D'Agents is no longer found in the Dartmouth site. It's faded away from Internet!