What: DIVE
 Where: http://www.sics.se/dive/
 Description: The Distributed Interactive Virtual Environment (DIVE) 
 is an internet-based multiuser VR system where participants 
 navigate in 3D space and see, meet and interact with other users and applications.  

 DIVE supports the development of virtual environments, user 
 interfaces and applications based on shared 3D synthetic 
 environments. DIVE is especially tuned to multiuser applications, 
 where several networked participants 
 interact over a network.

 Dynamic behaviour of objects are described by interpretative Tcl scripts 
 evaluated on any node where the object is replicated. Script are triggered 
 by events in the system, such as user interaction signals, timers, 
 collisions, etc. DIVE reads and exports VRML and several other 3D 
 formats. It is integrated with the World-Wide-Web and 
 is HTTP/FTP/HTML/MIME compliant.

 Updated: 03/06/2005
 Contact: [email protected]

Zarutian 6. june 2005: to me it seems to be similar to [L1 ] (which is based on Smalltalk - escargo).

EF Except that this statement should probably be reversed. The first version of DIVE is as old as 1991 and DIVE started to support Tcl around 1995 or 96.