Daniel P. Stasinski

Daniel P. Stasinski

I'm Daniel P. Stasinski, and was lead Software Engineer and Internet Development Administrator for Mayor Pharmaceutical Laboratories in Phoenix, AZ. Prior to that I ran a software publishing company (DSE Software Publishing) for about 15 years in a small Northern California town. Needing a change, I sold the product line to various publishers and moved to hot Phoenix. I am now retired.

I've always believed that instead of going only with what you know or which way the wind blows, you use the tool that best suits the project at hand. For my web development needs, AOLserver and TCL have been best. For other needs I usually choose between 80x86 assembler, BASIC, C, Delphi Pascal, java, or perl. A lifetime ago I even chose Prolog for a project solution.

My latest TCL related project is x10bot, a home automation daemon for x10 CM11A appliance controller and accessories under Linux. If you're interested, it can be found at http://www.scriptkitties.com/x10bot/

My most recent AOLserver TCL project was bringing back the old AOLserver Administration Pages to v3.x. These can be found at http://www.scriptkitties.com/ too. Other AOLserver projects included building blowfish and twofish encryption as a shared module and also a Windows DLL. Other assorted projects include a couple megs of custom C and TCL code.

Next on the agenda is a TCL enabled sendmail milter (filter), inspired by the perl sendmail::milter.

I don't like to list my employers web sites so I'll just list my personal site, Disabilities-R-Us, which is an information and chat site created by and for people with physical disabilities.