TR -- Darwin [L1 ] is the core of Apple's MacOS X operating system. It stands on the shoulders of a BSD unix and a mach kernel (from Next). Having installed PearPC [L2 ] on my x86 linux machine, I was able to install Darwin with the binaries from Apple [L3 ]. And guess what:

 localhost:~ root# uname -a
 Darwin localhost 7.0.0 Darwin Kernel Version 7.0.0: Thu Nov 13 19:16:18 PST 2003; root:work/xnu-517.
 obj/RELEASE_PPC Power Macintosh powerpc
 localhost:~ root# tclsh
 % info patchlevel
 % parray tcl_platform
 tcl_platform(byteOrder) = bigEndian
 tcl_platform(machine)   = Power Macintosh
 tcl_platform(os)        = Darwin
 tcl_platform(osVersion) = 7.0.0
 tcl_platform(platform)  = unix
 tcl_platform(threaded)  = 1
 tcl_platform(user)      = root
 tcl_platform(wordSize)  = 4

It comes with Tcl included! There is, however, no Tk, although Darwin has X11 (XFree86) included. Compare the output above with the other Mac OS entries in tcl_platform.

The newest Darwin is version 7.7 as of Feb 2004. It still has Tcl 8.4.4 in there.

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