"Dataplot is a complete statistical package with a Tcl/Tk frontend available for free at

Dataplot was originally written in the 70's in Fortran as a command line program running on Tektronix storage tube displays. Then when PC's came around, but before Windows, a GUI was developed in C. The key to the flexibility was to have all the information for the menus and forms in separate files. The C code would read information for a menu or form on-the-fly as needed and generate it. For the Tcl interface there is code that reads the same menu and forms files on the fly and generates the GUI. So, the GUI code hasn't changed in years, but the menus and forms can easily be updated without changing any Tcl code. The statistical computations are still done in the command line version of Dataplot, still written in Fortran. ..."

The Unix front-end uses Expect to wrap Dataplot, while the Windows version apparently uses DDE or something equally venerable.

More information is available from Bob Lipman [L1 ].

What: Dataplot
Description: Free public domain multi-platform software system for scientific visualization, statistical analysis and non-linear modeling. Makes use of Tcl/Tk, Expect, etc. to provide a graphical interface.
Updated: 10/2001
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