An object oriented descendent of the Pascal programming language mostly used on MS Windows. Has a FLOSS, cross-platform alternative in Free Pascal.

Tcl Scripting Language Components for Borland's Delphi(tm) 32 bit RADical Tools

from the readme

Providing Scripting Solutions Is A Snap!

  • Tcl Scripting Language Components (Tslc) provide seemless integration of the Tcl engine into your applications.
  • The Tslc visual components bind into the Tcl engine enabling the perfect blend of interpreted and machine code.
  • Tool Command Language (Tcl) scripting is intuitive, effective, and efficient; an established and well designed interpreted language writtenby John K. Ousterhout.
  • Tslc will jump-start scripting solutions into your development projects. You'll have the tools that will help you serve your customers better.

Used extensively for in-house development and data processing. Deployed in numerous business applications.

This distribution has the binaries for D2, D3, and D4