Deprecate FP pages discuss

Discussion page for the deprecation of older pages on the topic of Functional Programming in Tcl.

A new proposal for Higher Order Functions in Tcl [L1 ] proposes to deprecate those Wiki pages that discuss higher-order functions and which will be made redundant by this proposal. This page is here to discuss the merit and details of deprecating pages, and to identify candidate pages. "Deprecated" pages will be given a banner noting that the contents are mostly for historical interest, and directing unwary users to the TIPped functionality.

LVwikignome - 2010-04-16 11:15:51

I wonder if there would be a way to somehow add a "pre-Tcl 8.7" type banner to pages where relevant. For that matter, having the ability to banner a page when its contents are relevant up to a particular version might be a useful general feature. That way people who continue using the older versions of Tcl know the material is still relevant to them.

Of course, text could be put on the page, but is subject to drive-by editing...

dkf - 2010-04-16 11:21:33

I'm not keen on magic indelible marking of pages. It seems to me to be against the spirit of this Wiki...

nem neither. Can't we just use categories for this?