Display System Info

Created by CecilWesterhof.

A proc to display (what I think is) the most interesting tcl system information:

proc ::dcblUtilities::displaySystemInfo {} {
    set indent "        "

    puts   "TCL Version:    $::tcl_version"
    puts   "Patch Level:    $::tcl_patchLevel"
    puts   "Startup File:   $::tcl_rcFileName"
    puts   "FP Precision:   $::tcl_precision"
    puts   "argv0:          $::argv0"
    puts   "argc:           $::argc"
    puts   "argv:           $::argv"
    foreach arg $::argv {
        puts $indent$arg
    puts   "Libaries:"
    foreach lib $::tcl_library {
        puts $indent$lib
    puts   "Package Path:"
    foreach path $::tcl_pkgPath {
        puts $indent$path
    parray ::tcl_platform

As always: comments, tips and questions are appreciated.

APN One comment - the variable tcl_pkgPath is not guaranteed to exist on all platforms. Also, some additional system information is available as

foreach item [tcl::pkgconfig list] {
    puts "$item: [tcl::pkgconfig get $item]"

package require platform
puts "Platform: [platform::identify]"