Documentation and Demos for Tcl/Tk 8.5

MR: This page is to keep track of people working on general documentation, examples and demos for Tcl/Tk 8.5. This way we can know who is working on what, try to avoid two people working on the same thing (without knowing about the other!), and just as importantly, list things that need doing, in the hopes that someone will pick them up.

  • MR is working on an overview-like "Busy Developer's Guide to Tcl/Tk 8.5" [L1 ]... comments and suggestions welcome!
  • Work continues on the official tutorial tcltutorial, which is itself a new addition in 8.5 (NEM is slowly rewriting this at [L2 ]).

DKF: I'm somewhat in charge of the Tk widget demo, but that has had very little work done in 8.5 to date. This is mostly because it's this sort of thing that gets polished during the beta part of the release cycle.

Update: There was a significant amount of polishing of the documentation and demos done by the time 8.5 got to 8.5.0. In particular:

  • Most manual pages now have at least one example (widgets are the exception; they have demos instead)
  • Most bugs in the manual pages are fixed, including checking that both the nroff and html versions are right
  • The widget demo has had some polish applied
  • Many new demos have been written, demonstrating at least simple use of the ttk widgets, animation, text peer widgets, and how to do a tear-off-able toolbar.

See also which was opened late 2007 to document info on Tk 8.5 and later.